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MultiMetrixs Family of Sensors:
            cost-effective wafer mapping and positioning

MultiMetrixs offers a family of sensors to meet most exact automation requirements of any OEM or end-user.  Most of the sensors can be stand-alone products or integrated with edge grip end-effectors.  They could be used for:
  • Wafer Mapping (including low reflective surfaces)
  • Wafer edge detection
  • Wafer alignment
  • Detection of wafer misplacement
MultiMetrixs´ sensors are very stable, immune to ambient light, have very high reliability, and are plug and play compatibible with popular brands.
Key Features
Map Any Wafer
  including low-relfectivity surfaces

Detect All Wafer Misplacements

  immune to ambient light

Plug and Play Compatible

Superior Price Performance
Works in:

wet environmnet

high temperature environment

vertical or inverted operations

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