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MultiMetrixs LM Wafer Mapping Sensors:
         the answer to your wafer handling needs

Improve the reliability and throughput of your robotic wafer handling systems with the next generation wafer mapping sensors from MultiMetrixs. LM reflective sensors help control the position of the wafer at different stages in the chip making process. With a sensing distance of more than 5 feet and resolution down to 10 micron, the LM sensors will handle the majority of applications related to the wafer alignment and mapping. LM wafer mapping sensors are the most technically advanced and cost effective solution on the market today.

Unique capabilities

Multi-Dimensional Distance Detection
MultiMetrixs LM sensors eliminate the distance constraints of old sensor technology.  Faster more flexible automation routines can be designed using LM sensors without sacrificing accuracy or reliability from 2" to 20" .

Map Any Wafer
Existing sensor technology has difficulty mapping low reflective surfaces, particularly blue nitride.  Multimetrixs patented laser technology detects ANY surface so all wafers are mapped, preventing production glitches caused by missed wafers.

Detect All Wafer Misplacements
Conventional wafer mapping sensors cannot recognize all wafer misplacements.  LM sensors prevent system stoppages and expensive crashes by identifying ALL wafer misplacements - stacked, cross-slotted and empty slots.

MultiMetrixs LM sensors work in any FOUP environment and performance is not affected by secondary reflections from within the enclosure.  LM sensors are also completely immune to environmental light flashes (including sunlight).

Plug and Play Compatible
Guarantied compatibility with all semiconductor industry standards for wafer mapping software and robotic hardware.  LM sensors can be added to a system in minutes with minimal adjustments.

Superior Price Performance
LM wafer mapping sensors offer the best price performance in the industry.

Cost effective, LED parallel wafer address sensor

Ideal for one shot mapping of a wafer's positions in a cassette. The LTB-PW can determine the position all of the wafers in a cassette within 15 ms.  The unit will work with wafer sizes from 4 to 12 inches and wafer thickness of 300 to 1000 micron. Also detects cross-slotted wafers with any steps from 1/4 to 3/16 inches.

Key Features
Multi-Dimensional Distance Detection    from 2" to 8"

Map Any Wafer
   including low reflective surfaces

Detect All Wafer Misplacements

   immune to environmental light

Plug and Play Compatible

Superior Price Performance

PDF Documents

 LM Sensors Fact Sheet
 LTB-PW Spec Sheet
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