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MultiMetrixs Fiber Optic Sensors:
                        in-process wafer profiling

MultiMetrixs family of Fiber Optic sensors is designed for two side wafer profiling, measurement of wafer thickness, wafer alignment along the whole of the wafer's edge, replacement for capacity gauges (creating nanometer accuracy for wafer alignment), alignment of the upper layer of the wafer in micro lithography, sub micron accuracy for measurement of displacement of any moving parts and "GO / NO GO" wafer flatness measurement systems.

Precision fiber optic proximity switch

A cost effective non-contact micron accuracy reflective proximity switch that will detect the position of both sides of a wafer during any inspection procedures.  This miniature fiber optic proximity switch determines the basic position of any sensing and inspection tools relative to the inspected surface with micron accuracy.  The tools this sensor works with include: laser displacement sensors, Eddy current, capacitive and contact resistance measurement probes, laser confocal sensors and atomic force probes.  Detection distance from the sensing surface is 200- 600 µm.

Cost effective LED-based sensor

The FOS-1 can be used in variety of domestic applications and for limit switches that require an ultra small size of sensing head and adjustable sensing gap.  There are no electrical wires present in the sensing areas.  The free cut length of the fiber optic cable is up to 3 meters (10 feet) and can be extended up to 9 meters(30 feet) by special order.

Special Order Option
The FOS-I can be equipped with a different angle of orientation for the receiving and illuminating parts of the sensor's head. This special sensor is resistant to chemical, corrosive, and water environments.  It is also resistant to strong electrical and microwave fields, X-rays and gamma radiation, high pressure and vacuum environments.

The diameter of fiber optic core can be from 0.2 to 2.00 mm.

Cost effective harsh environment sensor

Cost effective alternative LED reflective sensor for applications that require an ultra small size of sensing head, adjustable position for receiving and light emitting part of the sensor.
FOR-RS has no presence of electrical wires and metal parts in the sensing area.  This sensor has different orientation angles for the sensor head and sensing piece.

The FOR-RS is resistant to extreme environments: chemical, corrosive, water, high pressure and vacuum, strong electrical and microwave fields, X-rays and gamma radiation.

High precision sensor

The latest fine precision and high resolution fiber optic laser sensor.  This sensor can be used in new generation machines for profiling and thickness measurement of wafers and hard drives, CMP and wafer grinding machines, glass or metal polishing machines, and high speed paper thickness measurement machines.

FOS-AD201 is a high precision (up to 0.1 micron), non-contact linear displacement sensor with an extended range of operation. This sensor can be used to measure displacement of one or two sides of profile or to measure thickness.

FOS-AD201 is the most advanced fiber optic laser probe sensor in its class.  It can operate on almost any type of material: metallic, non-metallic, composite, plastic, glass, ceramic or liquid.

FOS-AD201 is a cost effective solution that is easy to operate.  It has a simple setup to facilitate measurement and adjustment procedures for any color and reflectivity on specular or diffuse surfaces.  It is able to operate in low vacuum, cryogenic and high temperature condition performing "in-situ" measurements.
Key Features

Long Range

Cost Effective

Plug and Play Compatible

Precission Allignment and Mapping

PDF Documents

 FOS-S Spec Sheet
 FOS-I Spec Sheet
 FOS-RS Spec Sheet
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