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MultiMetrixs offers a comprehensive wafer handling product portfolio for dealing with both wet and dry substrates that includes the industry´s most sophisticated line of edge grip products, family of reflective and through beam wafer mapping and detection sensors (either stand alone or integratable with edge grippers), absolute encoding flippers, and innovative edge grip aligners.

Combining patented sensing and gripping technology with low profile plug and play design, our wafer handling tools provide unparalleled flexibility in dealing with thick, thin or fragile wafers in dry, wet or harsh environments.  All our products adhere to the most rigorous wafer manufacturing standards and requirements.

Low cost-of-ownership, high productivity and reliability of MultiMetrixs´ wafer handling products have brought recognition and acceptance by over a dozen companies from small start-ups to industry leaders.
MultiMetrixs´ Line of Wafer Handling Products
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What Our Customers Say
"MultiMetrixs´s IEG 300 Edge Gripper has undergone an exhaustive evaluation and testing at Innovative Robotics Inc. over the last 12 months. This product has successfully met our expectations and requirements in performance, cleanliness (ISO Class 1), reliability and functionality"
Walt Henry
VP of Operations, Innovative Robotics
"Strasbaugh recently implemented MultiMetrixs´ IEG 300 system into our newest CMP machine. We have since been completely satisfied with the gripper´s performance. In particular, we value its excellent reliability record facilitated by simple design and electrical actuation of the gripping mechanism." "
Bill Kalenian
Engineering PM, Strasbaugh Corp.
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