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MultiMetrixs Contactless End-Effector

The Contactless Intelligent Edge Grip (CIEG) device was developed to assist in handling all kinds of wafers, including thin-wafers with no contact from either side of the wafer.  It uses minimal airflow exhaust with disturbance no greater that robot´s motion.

By integrating our patented soft-touch mechanism with end-effector, CIEG overcomes any potential problems associated with thin wafer handling such as sideward shifting or rotation. Optical wafer presence sensor, integrated within the end-effector, informs robot when to turn air on.  The soft touch mechanism confirms when the grip is successful and conforms to wafer´s actual diameter.  The wafer's exact diameter and center could be used for the precision wafer placement.  CIEG operates reliably with any robot at speed equivalent to vacuum or edge-grip end-effectors and allows for handling wafers in any plane and flipping operations.

  • The total thickness of the end-effectors´ blade is 3.5 mm, allowing the use of standard cassettes with .25" pitch
  • The floating distance between end-effector and wafer is ~100µm
  • 150mm wafer thickness > 30µm
  • 200mm wafer thickness > 60µm
  • 300mm wafer thickness > 100µm
  • ISO Class II when Nitrogen is used
  • Pick/grip times of 1.2 sec/wafer
  • Release times of .5 sec/wafer
  • Loading and unloading of thin wafers in FOUP or cassettes
  • Thin-wafer placement and pick ups on any chuck or aligner station
  • Single wafer transfer between process stations
  • Solar cell and other thin substrate handling
  • Reticles handling
  • Power: 12V, or 24V, 350 mW
  • Communication:RS-232, RS-485 or CAN
  • Compressed air: 60PSI
Key Features
Ultra thin wafer handling

Handles wafers with notch or flat

Handles wafers from both sides

High reliability

Ultra clean

Higher through-put

Significant cost savings

CIEG 200

CIEG 200 connected to absolute encoding flipper
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