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MultiMetrixs Resonance Sensor Technology

Fast, accurate and reliable metrology method for dielectric, semiconductive or conductive film measurement on patterned and blanket wafers.

The Challenge: Decreasing Wafer Fabrication Costs, while Managing Increasingly Complex Chip Designs

The wafer production fabs of the 21st century demand metrology tools that are cost effective, versatile, consistently accurate and modular in design.  Only such tools can help decrease exploding wafer fabrication costs while increasing yield through early defect inspection and control.  Because of intrinsic limitations associated with X-ray, Eddy Current, 4 point probe, ellipsometry, reflectometry, and other optical methods, there is a need for new technology that can address the challenges associated with increasingly sophisticated chip designs aggressively advancing into deep sub-100-nm feature sizes. This technology must also minimize tool complexity, increase throughput and reduce overall metrology cost of ownership (COO).

The Solution: Innovative Contactless Method Offering Multi-functional Measurement Capability

All MultiMetrixs precision measurement tools utilize a novel and proprietary Resonance Sensor Technology (RST) developed by MultiMetrixs. RST is based on the analysis of electrical resonance characteristics for any type of layer (dielectric, semiconductive or conductive, and patterned or blanket).  RST metrology capable to handle a wide range of applications performing measurement and analysis of over 10 different parameters with superior speed, accuracy and repeatability, thereby decreasing operational complexity and delivering lowest COO and maximum ROI.
Standard RST Sensor Specifications
Measurement spot size 0.25mm² - 40mm²
Measurement range (resistance - Ohm/sq) 0.001-250
Accuracy (resistance) < 1%
Repeatability (resistance) < 0.05%
Range of film thickness 1nm - 6,000nm
Types of measurable film Cu, Al, W, Mo, Au, Co, Ni, Ru, Ti, TiN, Co, Cr
Relative dielectric constant 1 - 500

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