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  Multimetrixs core business is researching, developing and commercializing technology products with a focus on solutions for the semiconductor industry.  Based in Silicon Valley, the company employs a talented group of scientists and engineers dedicated to creating innovative, cost effective technology.

Utilizing patented sensor technology, the company has developed products for two key sectors of the semiconductor industry: wafer handling systems and wafer inspection equipment.

LM Wafer Mapping Sensors and the IEG 300 Intelligent Edge Gripper are breakthrough products designed to improve wafer handling by production process robots.

MultiMetrixs´ wafer inspection systems are build around Resonance Sensor Technology (RST).  They are compact and economic alternative to existing metrology tools used for measuring critical parameters: wafer profile, bulk resistivity, "sheet_p", metal film thickness, dielectric constant of insulators, and other physical characteristics of materials and objects.

The company offers a product development service for semiconductor manufacturing companies who either want to out-source R&D projects or develop customized versions of MultiMetrixs products.

We are interested in meeting potential strategic partners in the semiconductor industry for joint product and business development programs.

MultiMetrixs is funded by a private group of investors.
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